This is our second Kickstarter campaign! Our first campaign was a success and now we are launching a new product!!

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OutClass wanted to create a new product for the organic food industry. Something so different, never seen before, great tasting, and obviously organic!! We sturdy the organic food market, popular brands, and the future of protein snacks. Realizing these modern-day snack problems needed to be solved. We were determined to create a protein snack that has it all: wholesome ingredients, no weird additives, and incredible flavor. 

Using clean organic ingredients takes work. But we don’t lose our minds over it. Our mission is to make the tastiest protein snacks in the world from the highest quality organic ingredients! OutClass searched for snacks that could satisfy our relentless sweet tooth and were also made with ingredients that actually are organic and healthy. It turns out this combination is really, really hard to find!

After alot of research we came up with the first Organic Peanut Butter Chocolate Protein Filled Balls

These grass-fed whey protein balls have 7g of protein per serving. (2 balls)